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GNLL Families,

Each November, the Greater Nashua Little League Board of Directors elects new members to fill key positions on the board. Most positions are for a two-year term. The Board is now seeking nominations for a number of open positions.

Greater Nashua Little League has always depended on the efforts of its volunteers, from concessions volunteers, to coaches, to team moms, to board members. Board members are regular parents just like yourselves who want to do more to help support youth baseball in the city of Nashua. If you feel that you have skills that could benefit the league and want to be more involved in the way the league operates, I strongly urge you to consider any of these open positions.

The job descriptions for each open position are below. Please take a look through, and if you feel that any of these positions seems like a good fit for you, please reach out to me and I can answer any questions you might have. The 2018 Board of Directors will elect the 2019 Board at our regular November meeting, so all nominations must be submitted by Friday, November 16th.

Greater Nashua Little League can not operate without a fully functioning Board of Directors.

Thank you for your continued support, and I look forward to speaking with you!

Please email any nominations and/or questions to

President – 2 year term
The President shall; Conduct the affairs of the Local League and execute the policies established by the Board of Directors, present a report of the condition of the Local League at the Annual Meeting, communicate to the Board of Directors such matters as deemed appropriate, and make such suggestions as may tend to promote the welfare of the Local League, be responsible for the conduct of the Local League in strict conformity to the policies, principles, Rules and Regulations of Little League Baseball, Incorporated, as agreed to under the conditions of charter issued to the Local League by that organization, designate in writing other officers, if necessary, to have power to make and execute for/and in the name of the Local League such contracts and leases they may receive and which have had prior approval of the Board, investigate complaints, irregularities and conditions detrimental to the Local League and report thereon to the Board or Executive Committee as circumstances warrant, prepare and submit an annual budget to the Board of Directors and be responsible for the proper execution thereof, and with the assistance of the Player Agent, examine the application and support proof-of age documents of every player candidate and certify to residence and age eligibility before the player may be accepted for tryouts and selection.

Secretary – 2 year term
The Secretary shall; be responsible for recording the activities of the Local League and maintain appropriate files, mailing lists and necessary records, perform such duties as are herein specifically set forth, in addition to such other duties as are customarily incident to the office of Secretary or as may be assigned by the Board of Directors, maintain a list of all Regular, Sustaining and Honorary Members, Directors and committee members and give notice of all meetings of the Local League, the Board of Directors and Committees, issue membership cards to Regular Members, if approved by the Board of Directors, keep the minutes of the meetings of the Members, the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee, and cause them to be recorded in a book kept for that purpose, conduct all correspondence not otherwise specifically delegated in connection with said meeting and shall be responsible for carrying out all orders, votes and resolutions not otherwise committed, notify Members, Directors, Officers and committee members of their election or appointment.

Information Director – 2 year term
The information director shall; manage the league’s official website and any local league social media sites, manage the online registration process and ensures that league rosters are maintained on the site, assign administrative rights to league volunteers and teams, ensure that league news and scores are updated on a regular basis, collects, posts and distributes important information, serve as primary contact person for Little League regarding optimizing use of the Internet for league administration and for distributing information to league members and to Little League International, display enthusiasm for using the Internet for league administration, for sharing information and for creating a more enjoyable and efficient Little League experience.

Field Maintenance Coordinator 2 year term
The Field Maintenance Coordinator shall; be responsible for the purchase, maintenance, and operation of all field maintenance equipment, be responsible for the care and upkeep of all fields and facilities, train Managers, coaches, parents, and/or volunteers in the care and upkeep of all GNLL fields and facilities, train Managers, coaches, parents, and/or volunteers in the operation of GNLL field maintenance equipment, liaison with the City regarding permitting, maintenance, care, supplies, and projects throughout the calendar year, even during the baseball off-season, coordinate the inventory of field maintenance supplies, such as Gamesaver, line chalk, infield dirt, mound clay, and other supplies as needed..

Concessions Coordinator – 2 year term
The Concessions Coordinator shall; manage all aspects of the operation of the concessions facilities at all GNLL fields, liaison with the City regarding permitting, inspection, and approval of all GNLL facilities, coordinate the inventory of all GNLL facilities to ensure proper stock levels, coordinate the disposition of all funds collected at all GNLL concessions facilities, coordinate the menu and pricing for all GNLL concessions facilities, coordinate the purchase, maintenance, and operation of all GNLL concessions equipment, train coaches, parents, and volunteers in the operation of GNLL concessions facilities.

Assistant Concessions Coordinator – 1 year term (2nd year of a 2 year term, interim)
The Assistant Concessions Coordinator shall; assist the Concessions Coordinator with all responsibilities, may be assigned a specific location to be delegated by the Concessions Coordinator, be a backup to the Concessions Coordinator for all responsibilities.

Majors and Minors Coordinator – 2 year term
The Majors and Minors Coordinator shall; coordinate the recruiting and training of Majors and Minors Managers and Assistant Coaches, oversee the general, day to day operation of game play in the Majors and Minors Divisions, receive official game protests and complaints from Majors and Minors Managers, assist the Player Agent and/or President in player placement, and the draft, assist the President and/or Information Officer with the creation and management of the official game and practice schedule for the Majors and Minors Divisions, be the primary point of contact for all Managers and Assistant Coaches of the Majors and Minors divisions.

Sponsorship Coordinator – 2 year term
The Sponsorship Coordinator shall; actively seek and recruit sponsorship partners for the league, coordinate the receipt of all sponsorships, coordinate the partnership between GNLL and all sponsors regarding sponsorship levels and benefits, be a liaison with local business to cultivate sponsorship opportunities

Tournament Director – 1 year term (elected annually)
The Tournament Director shall; oversee all aspects of Little League International Tournament Play, coordinate with the Majors and Minors Coordinator to seek nominations for team managers for Board approval, coordinate with the Majors and Minors Coordinator to form Tournament Rosters, coordinate with the President on chartering teams, collecting necessary paperwork, and attending District meetings, coordinate with the Equipment Director to provide all Tournament supplies including Tournament Team Uniforms, oversee the day to day operation of all tournament games. The Tournament Director must be available to be present at all or most of GNLL hosted tournament games, typically held between June 30th and July 30th, coordinate volunteer efforts to fulfill key tournament responsibilities. All Tournament games must have on-site during play; a fully staffed and operational Concession Stand, an operational and staffed scoreboard, an operational and staffed public address system, an official scorekeeper. The Tournament Director may fill any of the above roles his- or herself. The Tournament Director must be well versed on all Little League International rules and regulations for tournament play. The Tournament Director shall be the first line of protest during game play. Oversee the pre-game responsibilities; coin-flip to determine home team, collection of pitch count logs and tournament affidavits, determine player eligibility, preparation of the field for tournament play. Oversee the post-game responsibilities; recording of pitch counts, collecting all necessary signatures, recording relevant game information (such as ejections, protests, etc), post-game care of the field and facilities. Coordinate the scheduling of, and payment to, all umpires for GNLL hosted games



With our Majors and Minors season done, and our Farm and T-Ball seasons wrapping up shortly, I hope you will take a quick moment to tell us what you liked and disliked about the league this year.

This form should only take a moment, and is completely anonymous (unless you ask to be contacted), and will help us learn in what areas we need to improve. This survey will help us gauge our performance in areas like coaching, field maintenance, concessions, or overall board performance.

Please take a moment and fill out this survey:

Scorekeeping 101

Posted by Greater Nashua Little League President at May 17, 2018 12:03PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

In an effort to help all of our scorekeeping volunteers improve their skills, you can now view Scorekeeping 101, which is an introduction to baseball scorekeeping, and Rule 10.00, which is an in-depth look at the scorekeeping requirements for Little League Baseball.

Both of these tools can be viewed on the “Documents” page, located under “Media” in the menu at the top of the page.


Greater Nashua Little League fully supports Little League International’s regulations regarding Minimum Play Requirements. If you believe your child failed to meet Minimum Play Requirements, please fill out the following form:

More information on Minimum Play Requirements can be found here:


Pitch Count Limits Per Game:

11-12-year-olds: 85 pitches*
9-10-year-olds: 75 pitches
7-8-year-olds: 50 pitches*

  • 12-year-olds shall not pitch in the Minors
  • 7-8-year-olds shall not pitch in the Majors

Required Rest Days:
0-20 pitches: 0 days **
21-35 pitches: 1 day
36-50 pitches: 2 days
51-65 pitches: 3 days
66+ pitches: 4 days

  • Continuation rule: If a pitcher reaches the pitch count limit for any threshold while facing a batter, the pitcher may continue to pitch until the batter reaches base, the batter is retired, or the third out is made to complete the half-inning. Example: A 9-year-old pitcher begins an at-bat having thrown 34 pitches. That pitcher then throws three more pitches before the batter grounds out to end the inning. The pitcher has now thrown 37 pitches, but the threshold reached was 21-35 since that is where the pitcher was when the at-bat began. Assuming the pitcher does not continue to pitch in that game, he/she would only need 1 rest day. That also means that a 9-year-old pitcher may start an at-bat having thrown 74 pitches, and does not need to be removed upon throwing the 75th pitch. That pitcher may remain in until the batter he/she is facing is retired, reaches base, or the inning is ended, even if it results in throwing more than 75 pitches.
  • 0 days means that there needs not be a rest day in between the day the game was played and the next game. It does not mean that the player can pitch again in the same day. Any player who delivers a single pitch is no longer eligible to pitch again in any other game that day.


  • Any pitcher, upon delivering his/her 41st pitch in a game, shall no longer be eligible to play the position of catcher for the remainder of that day.
  • Any catcher, upon receiving a single pitch in his/her 4th inning of play as a catcher, shall no longer be eligible to enter the game as a pitcher for the remainder of that day.
  • In the event of a suspended game that is resumed on another day, pitchers of record at the time the game was suspended may be allowed to pitch to the extent of their eligibility for that day if they have rested the proper amount of days.

It is solely the responsibility of the Manager to ensure compliance with these rules. Parents should consider the risk of injury to their child and inform the Manager of any other pitching activity the player has performed, such as pitching in a school game, or for a private team outside of Little League.